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Timeshard biography

    Timeshard, a Liverpool based 3 piece, formed in 1988 at the start of the 'acid-house revolution' but their influences were really much more firmly rooted in the electronic music and space rock traditions of the 1970's. Fronting a wide array of ancient but totally irreplaceable analogue synths, Gobber, Simon and Steve set out to produce a unique live experience, honed at countless free festivals across the UK. Truly psychedelic sets, delivered totally live by the 3 band members standing in front of a tardis-like array of synths and cables came to be their hallmark and they followed these up with 2 excellent cassette albums Who Pilots The Flying Saucers and Hyperborean Dome Temples of Apollo which is how they came to end up being one of the posse of bands that regularly played at Club Dog in London.

The band signed to Planet Dog Records in 1994 (signing their contract on Parliament Hill - one of the most important ancient meeting places in London) having recorded a studio album for a label in Liverpool that was then unwilling to release it. Planet Dog took on the project which was released later that year as the incredibly spacey Crystal Oscillations.
    The release was followed by plenty of gigging and a more techno-influenced EP Zero (Ouroboros) in 1995. 1996 saw the band revert to the studio to record tracks for their next album Hunab Ku, a wild and very diverse collection of tunes covering all kinds of styles, but with a definite 'Shardian psychedelic twist.
    As dance music's tastes became more conservative, Timeshard's eclecticism made it harder for them to keep the momentum going in the world of homogenised 'advert-friendly' music and consequently the band's output slowed as they moved into other pastures. Steve and Gobber are still writing tracks and Gobber occasionally performs live keeping the 'Shardian spirit going. Up to date information on Timeshard can be found at their website at http://timeshard.com

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Video of Timeshard playing live at

Megadog at Brixton Academy in 1995


...and another from The Megadog tent at The Phoenix Festival 1996