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Children of the Bong Biography

     Formed at the tender age of 17 by childhood friends Rob Henry and Daniel Goganian, Children of the Bong produced a unique hybrid of funk, jazz, psychedelia and analogue-driven power that earned them loyal fans wherever they played.
     The band came to the attention of Michael Dog in 1994 via a demo tape and having sought them out at a gig in London, he knew straight away that they'd be perfect for Planet Dog Records. By then aged 20, the combination of youthful good looks (obviously popular with the ladies at their gigs!), absolute enthusiasm and a totally original and storming live sound made for a compelling combination and their first (and only) album Sirius Sounds was released in 1995 to great acclaim.
     The album was an immediate success, selling well both in the UK and the US where it was actually banned by the Wal Mart chain because of the band's name! The music struck a chord in the nascent 'big beat' scene appealing to a younger post-rave audience who were seeking something beyond straight 'four to the floor' dance music, but with a psychedelic and non-formulaic edge and the future for Children of the Bong looked very rosy.

     Sadly, the pressure of living and working together for so long had taken it's toll and the band split soon after the release of Sirius Sounds with each member choosing to pursue their own careers.

     A full history of the band with lots of photographs, details about the recording of Sirius Sounds and information about Rob and Dan's music projects post-Bong can be found at https://www.childrenofthebong.com/

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